Even though I am kind of lazy,
still like to cook when I am in the right mood,
especially my kitchen is very bright and comfy,
always had a good time making something to fill my stomach.

[Dinner] BMT (Basil-Mozzarella-Tomato) Pizza

Fresh Basil ------ 2 Tablespoon
Mozzarella cheese ------ one package
Spaghetti sauce ------ half can
One Dough ------from Trader Joe’s

Well, this is really easy.
Basically you just roll the dough to a big round piece
that fits your baking pan (10 inches in my case).

Place the dough in the baking pan,
Pour the spaghetti sauce evenly,
Cut the Mozzarella cheese into 10 or more slices
And place them on top of the sauce.
Wash and dry the basil, chop it,
And spray it on top of the cheese.

Finally you bake the BMT pizza for 15~20 minutes at 350 F,
A very delicious and easy home-made pizza is ready to serve.

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