WOOH, a lot of travelling lately~
Went to Boston for our wedding glamours a couple of weeks ago,
then mom came to visit, and we had a nice family trip to Calgary,
the Canadian Rocky mountains area.

So many wonderful things happened during this 5-day trip.
We went to the Adams river for the Sockeye Salmon run,
I cannot tell you how moved and stunned I felt
when I saw the huge pool of salmons giving birth to their offsprings.

I deeply enjoyed a walk along Lake Louise and placed myself in
the mystic and peaceful atmosphere.

The immense Columbia icefield was marvelous,
You cannot even say a word when standing
in front of such masterpiece
(partially because it was REALLY cold out there).

Banff gondola was another major work of art,
and seeing so many wild bighorn sheep was
one of the best times we had during this trip.

To be continued.....

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